About Me

The first and most important thing you should know about me is that I am passionate about what I do.  However, that will be the case with many therapists.  Where I differ is in the wide life experience I have had to date.  This has been incredibly important in informing and enriching my work as a therapist and a coach.

After graduating from London Business School with an Executive MBA, I spent the next 20 years as an entrepreneur, heavily involved in international business and commerce.  This exposed me to the cut and thrust of the working world and the challenges of cultural differences when managing international relations.

I then trained and worked as a lawyer.  This gave me a different perspective on life issues, honing my analytical, interpersonal, and active listening skills. During this time, I specialised in mediation and conflict resolution which is when I discovered my passion for helping others to resolve their own personal and relational issues, as well as developing their psychological wellbeing.

My next step was therefore to study Life Coaching, and I became both a fully accredited Life Coach (Certified Co-active Professional Coach – CCPC) and Systemic Coach (Organisational Relationship Systemic Coaching – ORSC).  This allowed me to support individuals striving to reach their full potential, using solution focused and goal-orientated work; as well as supporting organisations to develop effective teamwork, including issues such as preventable conflict or toxic behaviours.   I also realised that the journey of deeply understanding and seeing others begins with truly knowing oneself.

After that I undertook further training in London, and after extensive study, qualified as a psychotherapist, and registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists (BACP).  My training was in Psychosynthesis, but in my practice I draw on Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Existential, Humanistic, CBT and other schools of therapy.   My work extended to supporting clients wanting help with mental health issues, seeking greater self-awareness, or meaning from life, and recovering from historical wounds.

Drawing on all this experience, I have established a diverse and international practice dealing with a whole range of coaching and therapy clients.  My clients come from a wide range of demographics, background and nationality. Given my own background, I have attracted career focussed businesspeople and entrepreneurs, as well as the more mature, searching for greater meaning in the second half of their lives.  But in fact, my clientele is wide and varied and, almost certainly because of the pandemic, lately I have been undertaking an increasing amount of couples therapy and supporting single young men seeking help with relationships.