Executive and Performance Coaching / Leadership Development

This is 1 to 1 support for senior executives in order to optimise growth potential in the workplace. The work will be tailored to you in terms of where the focus is but it involves taking a holistic view of your life. After all, all parts of our lives are interconnected. A conversation in one area often ends up throwing up surprising material in other areas.

Life Coaching and Personal Development

This is 1 to 1 support for individuals wishing to look at the bigger picture of their lives. The reason for seeking support may be concrete goals and objectives such as career, romantic relationships, or relationships in general. Or the objective could be personal development and growth. It all begins with self-awareness. Once the work begins, often it takes on a life of its own and ends up in unexpected places.

Team Coaching (systemic approach) and Relational Dynamics

High functioning teams achieve more with less. For a group to be a team or a System it needs to have two essential attributes: members need to have a common objective and be interdependent. Each system develops an identity and has its own characteristics and personality- just like an individual human being. It becomes an entity greater than the sum of its parts. While attending to the team as a unique identity, there is also an opportunity to bring out the best in the individuals so that they can better support the common objectives of the team. They need to play to their strength and yet be stretched out of their habitual zones.

When the invisible systemic forces are not well understood, the work of the group can be significantly hampered and the whole becomes much smaller than the sum of its parts.