What to Expect

Therapy isn’t like a conversation with friends and family- though at times it will feel that way. It is a methodical approach, underpinned by much neuro-scientific research and practitioner experience. It is the science of body, mind and the brain plus the art of deep listening and empathic connection. It relies on a wide range of tools and techniques. But most of all, the outcome of the therapeutic process depends on the quality of the client-therapist relationship which needs to be safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing- and at times challenging. When therapy is successful it will lead to significant, tangible and lasting transformation in your life.

What is your role?

You bring to the sessions whatever is troubling you as well as your hopes and aspirations. Even seemingly mundane stories of the week or the distant past can provide rich material for exploration. We can work together towards revealing aspects of you that you may be unaware of. This is the material that is initially inaccessible to the conscious mind.  The unconscious mind hides things from us not out of malice but only to protect us. It doesn’t always realise that our circumstances have changed, and the old habitual ways and beliefs are no longer serving us. If we approach the unconscious in the right way, it will yield up a great deal of helpful material which will allow you to clearly see what you want and who you are.

It will not be your job to spend endless hours in sessions analysing yourself or your history. We try to gradually make sense of your actions, thoughts and fears together.  I will not be telling you what something means.  I will offer perspectives, theories, and ideas which you will ponder and decide if it resonates.  You will be encouraged to speak your mind.  The focus will often be on the here and now.

Is this self-indulgence?

Therapy is not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic. On the contrary, therapy encourages you to see yourself in the context of your relationships.  Understanding how we interact with others in different situations is a window into our inner lives. Part of our work will be to examine your feelings, thoughts, and actions in the context of a life that is interconnected and intertwined with the lives of others. I will listen and help you make sense of your experiences by offering different perspectives and by raising your awareness of what isn’t serving you.