If we don’t develop self awareness we can be like a programmed machine sleep walking through our lives. We become simply an accumulation of what has gone before and the result of what happened to us in the past. But it is possible to break from the tyranny of the past and exercise choice in everything we do.

By becoming self-aware, conscious and intentional, you are no longer just what happened to you in the past. You have choice. Your past has shaped you but need not define you. You can then move forward, making informed and impactful decisions based on deep self knowledge and clarity of mind.

I work with 3 inter-related forms of awareness: the mind, the body and the heart (emotions). To have thoughts or emotions is not the same as being aware of them in real time. It’s much easier to later remember what we thought and felt when we did or said something we wish we hadn’t. The skill and value is in having access to ourselves in the present moment. It takes practice and guidance.

Most people are either mind-identified or identify more with their emotions. We would work to extend your range, while honoring your natural tendencies. What is quite rare is awareness of the wisdom of our body. The ways in which mammals use their body to regulate themselves is mostly lost to us. But it’s possible to recover it. The primitive circuitry of our brain and nervous system is still there to be accessed and influenced. In short, we will seek the holistic integration of your mind, emotions and body.